Guardians of a Healthy Smile: The Significance of Routine and Preventative Dental Care

The mouth is the gateway to the body. The health of the mouth is not just a key to a beautiful smile; it plays a significant role in overall well-being. Routine dental care helps to prevent oral problems such as cavities and gum disease. It also identifies those issues early, saving patients from more extensive and costly procedures. And it can even help reduce secondary health concerns that are associated with certain chronic medical conditions like diabetes.

Preventative care is the primary focus of dental treatments that are designed to reduce or prevent oral health complications from developing. It consists of dental examinations, routine cleanings, fluoride treatment and imaging and other diagnostic tools. It also includes instruction and treatment for oral hygiene practices, which are a patient’s main tool in the fight against tooth decay and other common oral health issues.

These procedures are often covered by insurance, depending on the patient’s plan and coverage level. In general, dental insurance plans divide their coverage into three categories: preventive, basic and major services. Preventive services are the most important and typically are covered at 100%. The other two categories cover the costs of restorative or repair services that address those issues that have already developed.

Preventive services are the best way to keep your oral health in good shape and ward off more serious dental issues down the road. They include dental X-rays, which allow dentists to see the entire mouth and check for tooth decay, look at bone levels and identify other abnormalities.

They also include regular dental cleanings, which remove plaque and tartar from the teeth to prevent tooth decay. These cleanings can also prevent gingivitis, which can lead to gum disease, which is often treated with antibiotics and root canals. Other routine dental services are the application of sealants to children’s teeth to stop cavities from forming and fluoride treatments, which strengthen the enamel of their teeth.

Another key benefit of routine and preventive dental care is that it can improve a patient’s self-esteem and confidence by helping to reshape and brighten their smiles. Unhealthy teeth or bad breath can be embarrassing for a person, impacting their social life and self-image. In addition, they can contribute to poor nutrition, malnutrition, and an overall reduced quality of life.

Research has shown that those who receive preventive dental care have healthier bodies in general. It is not only linked to improved oral health but a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses and even certain cancers. If you have questions about preventing or treating dental issues, call Dr. Karen Rosen for an appointment. Our dental clinic can help you determine the right dental care options for your needs and create a personalized plan for you. Our no. 1 dental clinic in Torrance is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care and a healthy, beautiful smile.