Why Hire a Good Child Custody Attorney

When divorced or separated, deciding what will happen with the children can be a contentious issue. The best thing to do is find a good Child Custody attorney at www.knoxvilledivorceattorney.net/child-custody/ to represent your interests. A lawyer can explain the legal issues, and make sure you are following all the necessary procedures. They can also help you come to a custody and visitation arrangement that will be in your children’s best interest.

Custody is the legal decision-making authority over a child and may refer to either physical or legal custody. If you have sole custody, the child will live with you and will be under your care. If you have joint custody, the child will live with both parents and both of you will be responsible for making decisions about your children’s health, education and welfare. If one parent has sole physical custody, the noncustodial parent will usually have rights to visitation or access with the child on a scheduled basis. Often, the court will order an evaluation of the parents and the children by a professional, such as a social worker or psychologist, to determine what is in the child’s best interest.

Generally speaking, courts tend to favor joint physical and joint legal custody in the vast majority of cases. However, there are many factors the judge must consider before awarding custody, including the safety of your home, the quality of your parenting, and whether you can provide a stable environment for your child. In some cases, the court will award sole physical or legal custody to a third party, such as a grandparent or other family member.

In some cases, the judge may order supervised visitation or no contact at all with a parent, especially in situations of abuse, drug use, mental health issues, and domestic violence. If you think there is any possibility that your child may be in danger if left alone with your spouse, it is important to speak with your attorney immediately.

Custody and visitation arrangements can change over time, especially in amenable situations. Both parties can agree to change the terms or the court can approve a new schedule through a custody modification hearing. Changing any of the terms will require proof of a reason that would be in your child’s best interest, such as a change in your job or living situation, a new relationship between you and the other parent, allegations of abuse and more.

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